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The triptych’s first one so far =)

Step by step process =)


The first one for a triptych

70″ x 36″

Mixed media on canvas


Back to the canvas and easel combo

After the Urban Landscapes show featuring ink on Yupo works, I’ve decided to go back to working on acrylics on canvas.. for a while. Here are some photos of the first work of the new series.

IMG_1776 IMG_1777 IMG_1778 IMG_1779

3D Piece = sculpture

Just working on a 3D version of my Urban Landscapes series, Enjoy !!! IMG_1607 IMG_1617 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1677 IMG_1678

CityScapes I

This is the first one of yet another series, the magic of yupo, ink, water and the imagination.

I hope you’ll enjoy the process as much as I did enjoy making the painting.

IMG_9185 IMG_9186 IMG_9187 IMG_9188 IMG_9201

IMG_9204 IMG_9203


Finished !!

CityScapes I


23″ x 35″ (before framing)


The new triptych- self standing double painting

Hey !!! this is part of the journey of these paintings, two-in-one triptychs, when finally assembled they will be self standing, two-sided. I love doing these !! Enjoy

Urban Landscape series

Night” ‘s process

3 70″ x 22″ panels

Acrylic on canvas

IMG_8416 IMG_8422IMG_8423 IMG_8429 IMG_8431 IMG_8432 IMG_8447 DSC_6396

Urban Landscape series

Day” ‘s process

3 70″ x 22″ panels

Acrylic on canvas

IMG_8453 IMG_8517 IMG_8530 IMG_8531 IMG_8535 IMG_8553 DSC_6400

And wait till they are assembled !!!!


Acrylic on canvas

A new begining

The first strokes on a new one =)IMG_8399